Nepal CropAarti had a difficult childhood, as her father left when she was very young. Despite the crushing devastation of her father’s departure, Aarti found solace with those around her. She had her mother, who guided her through it all, and an uncle working as a ward officer for the government. Her uncle provided the necessary finances to aid both Aarti’s studies and daily needs. They both encouraged Aarti to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management.

Growing up, she endured numerous struggles but with incredible strength and resilience. “I don’t remember my father very well. His absence meant a lot to me,” she says of her difficult childhood in Nepal.” As I was the only child of my parents, I had a hard time growing up. We barely had anything to eat, and my life was full of struggles.”

Aarti’s situation worsened when she was a young girl, only five or six years old. Her mother was diagnosed with heart disease; the doctors told her she was in the last stages. Someone shared the Gospel with her on her deathbed, and she received Jesus. It was a turning point in her life. She was a woman of faith and encouraged Aarti to go to church. “There is a Bible class for children; you should go,” she prodded her daughter each week.

“After seeing my mother’s faith in Him, it felt like there must be something special about this Savior she had come to believe in so strongly,” Aarti says.

She decided to heed her mother’s advice and started going to church. Pastor Panchram introduced her to Project Philip Bible studies. “I did not know much about God or Jesus then,” she says. “I enjoyed the Bible classes because of the exciting stories and dance sessions. They also distributed chocolates to all the students, which lured me to attend the classes.”

Over time, Aarti learned more about Jesus and received salvation. Her relatives did not like her newfound faith in Jesus and made fun of her. “Don’t follow the Christians. You won’t get a good boy for marriage,” the relatives discouraged her.

Despite harsh opposition from friends and relatives, Aarti remains steadfast in her faith. She says, “Jesus has transformed my life. He is my Creator,” she says. “He blesses me and protects me. I take time to read the Bible regularly. My heart is at peace, and I’m happy. When I’m depressed, I read my Bible.”

She is fond of Bible stories, especially the story of Zacchaeus. She encourages other women to follow Jesus and serve Him. She says, “My ambition and dream is to serve God till the day I die.”