A pastor’s journey of faith through God’s Word

Nelan’s early life in India was marked by struggle and loss.

“I was born to nominal Christian parents,” he recalls. “Intoxication and substance abuse destroyed my family. We were homeless; it was a bad scene.”

His father went to work on the Andaman Islands, more than 1,200 miles away from his family.

He never returned. His absence plunged the family further into despair.

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Despite the darkness that enveloped his early years, a flicker of hope ignited when Nelan encountered the Gospel.

“The Lord’s servant shared the Word with my family. For over a year, I refused to join fellowship, trapped in the illusion of my inherited faith,” Nelan shares. But one day, he heard the profound truth of Mark 16:16 and it shattered his illusions and set his heart ablaze with true faith.

‘Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.’  This verse changed my life,” he declares with conviction.

The path to enlightenment was not easy for Nelan. Despite being unable to read and lacking knowledge, his desire to learn about God’s Word was unstoppable.

“Poverty prevented me from going to school, leaving me illiterate and ignorant. But on hearing the Word, I found myself hungry and thirsty for God’s Word,” he explains.

Through perseverance and divine assistance, Nelan overcame these obstacles.

“Today, I can read the whole Bible and preach from it. God has blessed me, giving me what I asked for.”

With newfound knowledge and unshakeable faith, Nelan embarked on his ministry, supported by invaluable training from Bible League International.

This training empowered him to plant a church in a neighboring village, turning a place once invisible on the map into a beacon of faith and community.

Nelan’s ministry has not been without its trials.

“Incidents of persecution keep happening,” he admits. Yet, his faith remains unshaken. “I’m not afraid of what man can do to me. Until the Lord allows, nothing will happen. This conviction sustains me, even when faced with threats or hostility.”

The impact of Nelan’s ministry extends beyond spiritual salvation.

The church has become a center for community and support, with many people coming to know the Lord. “Our believers share the Gospel, drawing people from other villages,” Nelan proudly states.

Nelan’s vision is a future where every person in his region knows the truth of God’s Word. “Without the Bible, man’s life is lost in darkness,” he asserts.

As Nelan’s story unfolds, it serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of ministry work. “Pray for us, that we may continue to grow in grace and in the knowledge of God,” he implores.“Thank you, for your ministry has been a blessing.”