Man in India shares the Gospel despite pushback

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Mahendra, 47, was a devout practitioner of Buddhism and Hinduism in India.

“For me, faith was about doing good works to get good results,” he shares. A turning point came when a relative introduced him to Jesus, gifting him a Bible and study booklets.

A sentence from Luke 2:7 struck him: “There was no room for them in the inn.”

The booklet’s question, “Do you have a place for Him in your heart?” stuck with him. “It felt like Jesus Himself asking,” Mahendra says. Reciting a prayer from the booklet, he felt an instant rush of peace, marking a new chapter in his spiritual life.

But this new faith came at a cost.

His family rejected him; he was left homeless and isolated.

“During this tough time, the Lord was strengthening me,” Mahendra reflects. Undeterred, he attended a seminary and became involved in Bible League’s training for Bible study leaders and church planters.

“Now, my goal is to preach the Gospel and establish churches in my state,” he declares.

Mahendra also impacted lives like his friend Thakur, who was on the brink of suicide. Matthew 11:28 changed Thakur: “Come to me, all you who are weary, and I will give you rest.”

Thakur accepted Jesus, and his life was transformed. Today, he is a minister of the Gospel.

“Bible League materials are invaluable in helping people grow spiritually,” Mahendra emphasizes. “They’re a lifeline for believers and local churches.”

Mahendra’s life is a vivid example of how the Gospel penetrates even the most hardened hearts and resistant regions.

The Gospel continues to change lives despite unprecedented opposition and persecution across countries in Asia.