India CropSamuel (left) was born in a nominal Christian family in Kerala, India. Kerala has a rich tradition of Christianity which began after Apostle Thomas, the doubting disciple of Jesus, landed on the Kerala coast in AD 52.

“I often read the Bible as a discipline, but I lived in sin and always felt very empty inside. It was customary to have daily family devotions, prayer, and Bible-reading,” he says.

But Samuel was still confused by salvation. “I did not know how to attain salvation and was confused with so many teachings I had heard,” he remembers. “One day, I attended a Gospel convention hoping God would quench my doubts. The preacher spoke on salvation, and the Word pierced my heart. After I went home, I prayed to God to save me. Peace filled my heart, and my burdens were swept away.”

Samuel soon stepped into a ministry role and used Bible League materials to grow in his faith. “Project Philip training helped me study the Bible and gave me a sense of direction in ministry. I started to use Bible League’s books in my church,” he says. “Many new believers who came to the church participated in the Project Philip Bible study. They were hungry for God’s Word. I encouraged them to read the Bible, and a few started coming regularly.”

A recent flood in Kerala caused unparalleled destruction and loss of lives. Samuel’s community and church were affected. “The flood was a wake-up call, and many church members requested Bibles,” he says. “Bible League’s Project Philip Bible studies are making a difference in this small church. Some new members have become believers by attending the Bible study. The studies have helped me to teach new believers to grow in their faith.”

He continues, “Bible League continues to bless so many people. Kerala has faced an unprecedented increase in attacks on the churches. Many political and religious groups have tried to intimidate churches and threatened pastors from spreading the Gospel among people of other religious faiths. We depend on God alone, and He protects us.”

Samuel is extremely grateful for the Bible League materials that have helped his ministry and community. “The Bible resources that you provided helped me and the Church to grow in grace. Bible League has equipped me in evangelism and how to share the Gospel among Muslim brothers. We are very grateful to you.”