Unshakeable Trust IcropNimia has dedicated a large part of her life to spreading the hope of Jesus Christ to people in Peru’s impoverished communities in Lurigancho. Currently, she leads a Project Philip Bible study with some people in this area. She notes, “These Bible studies are held on a hill with very steep stairs. The place has a lot of misery and need.”

Getting to the Bible study requires navigating mazes of stairs and alleyways. Despite the long and dangerous journey, Nimia knows God is using her to make a difference in this struggling area. One of the families she reaches is the Salvatierra family, which has 10 children in it.

Some time ago, she met the father of this family, and he repeatedly asked her how to help his family study God’s Word. Sadly, the dad passed away. Nimia notes, “That led me to feel a great burden to fulfill this man’s wish. At the father’s earlier requests, I began to become part of the Salvatierra family.”

Today, the whole family has studied the Gospel of John. They are grateful for what God has done for them through Nimia.

But this faithful woman’s life isn’t always easy either. Her husband is disabled and on dialysis, so he depends on her for nearly everything. Still, she remains strong in the joy of the Lord and continues to share this joy with others.

She notes, “My trust in the Lord is undiminished. I understand that what I am doing is God’s will. With this situation, anyone could say, ‘I don’t have time, I have things to do at home, I have a lot to do with my disabled husband,’ and many more excuses for not doing the work that the Lord has entrusted us.” Nimia knows God is with her through these hardships. She fully trusts that He will take care of her and her husband so she can bring the Gospel to those who are hurting like the Salvatierra family.

Unshakeable Trust In The Midst Of Need. Workteam