Ken Pp 2019 01 291 ScaledViolet was the eighth born of 10 children raised in Kapsitwe, a rural farming county in Kenya. It’s a community grappling with very high levels of poverty. “Many people work as casual laborers, they earn very little and can hardly meet their needs,” Violet explains. “The level of education is minimal as many cannot afford to pay school fees. As a result, many people have turned to alcoholism to curb their frustrations which has led to other problems like early pregnancies.”

Despite these challenges, Violet managed to get an education; she earned a diploma in Early Childhood Development. Her life changed when she attended a crusade in 2008. “I heard the preaching and answered the altar call by going forward, and someone came and prayed with us.”

Years later, while attending church with her mother, Violet learned of a new opportunity. “I found out about a Project Philip Bible study when the pastor announced it in the church. I decided to join the program because I had a hunger for the Word, a strong desire to know and understand about new life.”

Violet was thrilled with the ease of the Bibles and training. She beams, “The material was easy to understand, and I was blessed by the topic on patience. Before, I had no patience and could not wait on anything, but God has taught me how to wait on Him.”

Violet was delighted to receive her own copy of the Bible upon completing the Project Philip Bible study. “It was my first time having my own copy,” she shares. “My life has been transformed now and I’m able to trust God in every area of my life. In the past, I thought I could attain everything by my strength but now I have come to know that apart from God, I am nothing.”

Today, she’s not keeping this good news to herself. Violet is sharing God’s Word in her community. She says, “I am encouraging and advising others who are undergoing the same challenges I was going through especially those in marriages to put their faith in God. This program is good and is God-given, so I urge them to join and learn more about God. I also appreciate those who came up with the program and for giving us the Bibles. We have been truly blessed!”