Jean Richard holding a bookJean Richard is a Haitian immigrant living in the Dominican Republic. Two years ago he moved there to avoid Haiti’s poor economic, political, and social situations.

The 25-year-old was a believer in Haiti and is now the preacher at his church in the Dominican Republic. “I used to dream about a system of evangelism, a system that is effectively multiplied and wins souls,” he says. “In the past, I would go out without any planning or idea of how to follow-up with the people I would contact.”

Bible League’s partners in the Dominican Republic visited Jean Richard’s congregation and introduced Project Philip Bible studies. The program was a dream come true for the young pastor. “It’s a fantastic strategy for the growth of the local church,” he says. “Since the workshop, I feel more motivated because I have the tools needed to do evangelism and discipleship well. Today, thanks to God, my church is waking up to the call of the Great Commission because members have what they need for the mission.”

As he sees his church growing in numbers and in spiritual maturity, Jean Richard is thankful to Bible League for the support.

“Bible League is more than a blessing to our congregation, they are a partner in our ministry,” he says. “The ministry offers us materials that help us gain souls for Jesus Christ. From the Dominican Republic, I will continue to pray for the Lord to keep blessing Bible League International. Pray for us here to open doors and open hearts.”