Profile Photo Of Pastor Petrush For His Testimony. The Tree Church.Pastor Pete ministers in the poor urban areas of Dipolog City in the Philippines, where many people work as fishermen. In this area, people without their own vehicles use a habal-habal (public motorbike) to take their products to the market. Since he manages these public utility vehicles, Pastor Pete decided to start sharing the Gospel with the habal-habal drivers at his house. Soon, his drivers began bringing Pastor Pete to their relatives’ homes to do more Bible studies.

By God’s grace and favor, these Bible studies developed into home churches, where two or three families would gather to study the Bible together. When the pandemic hit, the ministry was stopped completely. But Pastor Pete and the home churches continued to do Bible studies online, reaching more people than they thought possible.

After the restrictions lifted in December 2021, Pastor Pete set up a simple church under a tree with a plastic tarp as a roof, where the Bible study groups and worshippers could gather on Sundays. The church is now growing and reaching neighboring districts. Pastor Pete shares that he trusts God to provide for this makeshift church under a tree. He says, “God will give us the provision to make our church become an actual church building.”

Pastor Pete expresses his gratitude for the training you help provide through Bible League International. “I would like to thank Bible League because you’ve taken a difficult mountain-sized challenge and made it into bite-sized pieces so we can now easily plant churches. We are equipped to share the Bible. If a person can read, he can already share the Bible.”