Mely CropDuring the past two years, Pastora Mely Achay has continued to expand her Project Philip Bible study for children and offer the young people in her community better Christian learning and lifestyle. She is hoping that, through the help of our Lord Jesus, the children will grow in faith by studying God’s Word.

Since 2018, this pastor has been a pioneering ministry worker in a remote place in Basiawan, a community in the Philippines. A Bible League-trained Project Philip Bible study leader and church planter, her heart’s focus is a mission to win souls to Christ. She started evangelizing her community by reaching out to young people and organizing a children’s ministry that continues to grow. People in her community wondered what made their children lose interest in gadgets and internet-related habits. They were now engaged in studying God’s Word!

Pastora Achay leads the children’s ministry twice a week. During the class, she organizes a Bible Quiz competition, memorization of verses, and group project study. She awards 10 students every meeting with a simple star ribbon and a token of appreciation. She also prepares snacks and prizes for the winners after the class; the prize could be a small chocolate bar or a cookie from their local store.

She now has begun holding Bible studies in these children’s houses and has led some of their parents to Christ. Though not all parents appreciate these home Bible studies, she still pursues them.

Even in sickness, she remains faithful in providing services in the community. In 2021, she was hospitalized twice because she had trouble breathing. “I merely rely on my faith through Christ and the generosity of each individual who supports my mission,” according to Pastora Achay. “Without the assistance of godly-minded individuals, including the materials I get from the Bible League, I would not be able to give these young children what they deserve. Thank you for the Children’s Bibles and Project Philip materials,” she continues.

Pastora Achay’s goal is to let these children come to know more about the Lord Jesus and nurture them physically through proper feeding and spiritually by studying the Word of God.

Her prayer is for God to allow her to continue her feeding program and have more affordable plastic chairs to accommodate the growing number of children attending the Project Philip Bible studies.