Picture Of A TeenagerSheshe, a teenage girl, grew up with her two siblings in Gutu, Zimbabwe. She’s a high school graduate and sells vegetables with her mother at the local market. “As the firstborn, I saw how my father mistreated my mother and left us, which hurt me greatly. But my mother shaped my character and taught me to be a responsible person and have a positive attitude,” she states.

Gutu is a dense suburb with a high rate of prostitution and criminal activities. But Sheshe’s family has learned to live in peace and harmony with others and attend church every Sunday. “I heard about the Project Philip Bible study program through my mother. I noticed changes in her behavior and how she interacted with others. I asked her about it, and she connected me with other youths, and I started participating in the program in my community.”

The story of Philip, who was led by the Holy Spirit to do God’s work, inspired her. It helped her understand that many people who attend church holding Bibles do not actually understand. They need teaching in Bible studies to understand God’s Word much better. She says, “Project Phillip Bible study significantly changed my character and perspective on life. Before, I couldn’t forgive my father for abandoning us as a family, but I later forgave him and accepted what happened.”

Sheshe now reads the Bible and shares it with her neighbors and friends. Hannah is her favorite Bible character because God heard her prayer and gave her a child. At first, Sheshe’s friends mocked her for attending church and sharing the Good News. “They thought I was crazy, but I gained the confidence to continue without fear through the Holy Spirit. Now some are supporting me to do God’s work.”

She desires to serve God and share the Gospel with young people in her community trapped in alcohol and drug abuse. Her prayer is to be reconciled with her father and live together as a happy family. She dreams of changing her parents’ lives and being financially stable.

“I dream of eradicating poverty and helping people in my community find salvation through the Bible study program. I sincerely appreciate all who generously gave us Bibles and booklets. May the good Lord continually bless you as you give others God’s Word!”