Haiti Testimony 2022 08Yolande, 28, grew up in a Christian family in Haiti, but she didn’t go to church. She assumed she had to have fancy shoes and lots of outfits to attend. But her biggest obstacle was her illiteracy.

The mom of four was depressed because she couldn’t read or write. A friend, knowing her situation, invited her to attend a Bible-based Literacy class.

“Initially, I refused because I was terrified,” she says. “But finally, I decide to go. I signed up because I wanted to learn to read and write my name.”

As soon as classes started, Yolande fell in love with learning. She loved the way the instructors taught the materials, and felt the atmosphere was charming and welcoming. The materials and environment motivated her to continue.

“The resources provided by Bible League International are wonderful and very simple,” she says. “They make it easy to learn the lesson quickly.”

Through the classes, Yolande learned that she didn’t need a fancy wardrobe to attend church; she only needed a heart for Jesus. In July 2020, Yolande accepted salvation and began to follow the Lord.

Today, she can read and write in her mother tongue. Her pastor is an influence in her life, encouraging Yolande to study the Scriptures as much as possible. She’s now serving the Lord in her community in Port-au-Prince and is hosting several Project Philip Bible studies. She’s also reaching 35 children in her church’s youth ministry.

“I thank you for training us and providing us with resources to carry out our ministry,” she beams. “I will pray for all of the people who contribute to these programs. You are reaching us in one way or another.”