Idam India CropPastor Idam teaches a group of indigenous tribal people, primarily women, in a remote village in eastern India. Men work in the town as it provides better pay than farming in the field. Women stay back, caring for their children, doing farm work, and sometimes doing volunteer work.

Idam’s parents were devout Hindus. They had a lucrative alcohol business. One day, a well-known evangelist shared the Gospel with this couple, and they gave their lives to God. “It was difficult, but they quit their alcohol business and decided to serve God,” he says. “Though I was born into a Christian family, I soon left my parent’s teachings and went after the world and my friends.”

Idam gave in to the temptations of the world, despite his knowledge of God. “I knew about Christ and would go for Sunday School. But later in life, my friends went after the world, and I followed them,” he remembers. “I forgot the Christian life and indulged in alcohol, drugs, and other prohibited substances. I went down in life. My love and devotion to God were replaced with love for the world. This went on for years until I reached a crossroads.”

Idam had a burning desire to work for God, but he was confused. He needed the Lord’s help to get him back on track. He wanted to work for God and also work part-time that could help him take care of his family, so he prayed about it.

God answered his prayers. A pastor met him; he prayed and prophesied, “God has called you for full-time work.”

“The words, ‘full-time’ stuck in my head, and I pondered over it. That voice kept ringing in my ears,” he says.

Idam’s uncle introduced him to Bible League’s Church Planter Training. “That was the turning point in my life. I learned about planting a church, discipleship, and how to lead and grow a church. I taught from the Bible, and people gathered at home to hear God’s Word. God has shown much grace, and many believers are coming to our fellowship,” he muses.

God has used Idam to plant many house churches. His wife, Laxmi, greatly supports him as they reach out to people. “Discipleship is the core teaching of Jesus,” he says. “The goal of discipleship is to become like Jesus.”

The couple believes that teaching people God’s Word and guiding them to grow as disciples of Jesus will make them strong in their faith. The people here are experiencing poverty and do not know the truth. They are discriminated against and harassed for their faith. They pay a heavy price for following Jesus.