Satik sitting on a couch with a book on a tableSatik, a wife and mother of two in Armenia, has seen her share of ups and downs. She had a happy childhood, surrounded by family. Her parents and grandparents were traditional Christians; Satik considered herself a Christian because of her family, even though she had no personal relationship with Jesus or knowledge of the Bible.

As a young woman, Satik felt a sense of emptiness. She was a successful student in medical school, but she still felt something was missing.

Satik got married while she was still a student. She thought she would be able to juggle a marriage and her studies, but she could not. “Eventually, I had to leave the university,” she says. “I was not able to balance studying and running a household. It felt like a giant failure to me.”

Satik was spending time with her mother-in-law who was a believer. She explained to Satik about a relationship with Jesus and the need for prayer. “After some time, I decided to give my life to Christ,” she says. “I repented, but still I had no deep knowledge about the Christian faith and Jesus Christ.”

For years, she struggled with pride and it took a toll on her marriage. “I was a very egotistical person. I wanted my opinion to be the dominant one in the family, to the extent that my relationship with my husband got worse and worse,” she says. Years of conflict finally pushed Satik to leave. “I wanted to divorce my husband because I thought I hated him.” She took the children, but sadly, they chose to return to live with their father. All alone, she realized she had destroyed her family. “I thought God had left me also. I started considering suicide,” she says. “God, however, is more faithful than anyone.”

Satik was visited by people from the local church, including Pastor Vardan, a Bible League partner, and his wife. Satik accepted their invitation to church, then joined a Project Philip Bible study. She realized just how hungry she was for the Word of God. “The booklets are so clear, understandable, and useful,” she says. “I can assure that Bible League’s materials have helped me come closer to Christ.”

At this time, Satik was trying to gain full custody of her children. But Pastor Vardan encouraged her to try and reconcile with her husband. She prayed and prayed until she finally got the courage to pick up the phone. “I asked him to forgive me, even though I didn’t have the hope that he would,” she says. But, thankfully, he did. Her husband and children showed up on her doorstep hours later. “The Lord reunited us. We were a family again,” she says.

Today, Satik and her husband are happily married and she is advising other couples in the church who are struggling. She was also able to get a job in a hospital as a nurse, even though she left medical school early. She prays that one day she and her husband can serve the Lord together.

Satik and family