Ken PcropMaurice is a lead pastor at a church in Kenya. Before he gave his life to Christ, he lived a sinful life. “I was a womanizer, a drunkard, and I was lost in a world of sin. I also married and divorced after a short period when I found someone ‘better.’  I despised the preachers of the Gospel. I found that they intruded very much in my life. Some of them were my friends and used to reach out to me, and I chased them whenever they came calling. I wanted nothing to do with them,” he admits.

Maurice disliked church meetings because of the noise of singing and preaching. He wanted to spend his Sundays in peace. However, one day he felt a strong urge to attend—and it changed his life.

“I tried to leave, but it was as if I was glued to my seat. The preacher asked if anyone wanted to give their life to the Lord. John 3:3 was the Bible text he preached from that morning. It touched my life, and I surrendered my life to Jesus,” he states.

Attending church changed Maurice’s life. “I felt at peace for the first time in my life,” he explains. He refers to his conversion as his “Damascus road experience.“ He abandoned his old sinful ways and became a new person in Christ. “Christ made my life peaceful and prosperous,” acknowledges Maurice, who went on to become a pastor. He recently introduced Bible League’s Project Philip Bible studies in his church.

Bible League’s training gave him a foothold to reach the local people in their regional dialects with God’s Word. “The provision of Bibles in the local language has been a great blessing, making the ministry to the locals even easier. These books have helped many understand the Gospel more easily,” he notes.

“I have changed the order of service in the church,” he continues. “I have introduced Bible sessions in the church on Sunday.This is in addition to the Bible study that we hold during the week.”

Maurice is thankful for what God has done through him in his community. Many people now have Bibles in their own dialects, and they are happy to read the Word of God in their languages. He is eager to reach more people and form study groups. “The Bible study groups have encouraged people to use their spiritual gifts in sharing God’s Word. I will serve the Lord in my house, family, community, church, village, in the country, and outside the country,” he beams.