Bur CropOlivier is the youngest of three children. His parents are farmers. The 30-year-old was born in Mwaro Province, central Burundi. “I grew up in an unbelieving family characterized by anger, hopelessness, suicide, fornication, and polygamy. Before I met Jesus, I was a hopeless person because of the poverty I faced. I was angry with everyone, stealing, and more. At the time, I was a thief and a very lonely person,” he begins.

“One member of my family got saved and began sharing with me the Good News of Jesus Christ and invited me to church. One day, I agreed to follow him to church. I heard the Word of God and accepted Christ as my Savior and Lord. The Scripture that touched my heart that day was Romans 6:23 – The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord.”

Olivier testifies that his life now is different from his past. “I now have hope in God. People in the community and the congregation now trust and ask me for advice. Now, I serve the Lord in the church, and I desire to see people know the truth from God’s Word.”

He decided to join Bible League’s Project Philip program because he wanted to know more about God and grow in his relationship with Him.

“The Bible study helped me a lot because it touches on daily life. I was touched by lesson two, ‘Life Goes Fast.’ It showed me that we make choices every day. Often, we obey our desires instead of obeying God, and those choices affect us and others. I developed a habit of reading the Word of God daily so that I can be guided by God,” he relays.

Olivier learned that many things push people to make bad choices instead of good ones. “I learned this lesson at a special time in my life where I had to choose. This lesson helped me win over many voices that were pushing me to make bad decisions that would affect me in the future.”

Olivier is grateful for people like you and for Bible League for the Bible he received when he completed the study. “I received a Bible in French that I will read every day. I thank God for this wonderful gift. I will be committed to sharing what I learned with others. I thank God for helping me to follow this program. I would recommend this program to other people because it is a good program that helped me. And I hope that it can help others to get in a relationship with God. Thank you very much!”