Egypt CropAmal thought she had signed a form to receive a reward for her work. Shockingly, it turned out to be a statement of resignation. Her employer could pull off this vile scheme because he knew Amal wasn’t able to read.

“I’d never gone to school in my life,” the middle-aged lady explains. “That’s why I never learned to read and write.”

Amal was thrilled when she learned that Bible League’s Bible-based Literacy program would start nearby, in a city in Egypt’s Nile Delta. “I told the facilitator I’d be the first to join the class,” she smiles.

In the meantime, Amal has found a new position as a cleaning and care worker. The literacy class takes place after working hours, and even though she works full-time, Amal never misses a meeting. While features of fatigue clearly show on her face, she diligently follows the lessons.

“I’m so happy with the things I learn,” she rejoices. “From now on, I will never sign anything without reading it first.”

Amal also finds delight in the Scriptures used in the curriculum. “Without the Word of God, I am nothing,” she states. “God’s Word makes me behave well in contrast to my sad past. I thank God and all of you for what you have done for me!”