Ethiopian man standingKefyalewu, 24, is a believer living in Ethiopia’s Oromia region. He is using Project Philip Bible studies to help his community engage in God’s Word. He recognizes the need in his community for the Gospel even though some people are resistant to it.

He accepted the Lord at age 13 and explains how growing up in an area struggling with poverty and fearing witch doctors was a major hindrance to sharing the Word of God. He shares, “Most of the people in my neighborhood could not afford school and lacked spiritual development. There were also many witch doctors within the community, and a lot of people visited them regularly looking for solutions for their day-to-day problems. The witch doctors do not allow their followers to go to church. As a result, people fear the church. They think that they will die if they disobey the witch doctors.”

Kefyalewu says Project Philip Bible studies are helping to change this. When the studies were offered at his church, he signed up. He reveals, “The Project Philip materials are easy to understand, impactful, and contextualized. They are even impacting the believers in the church. As a result, many young men and women are flourishing in the work of Christ. They joined the Bible study because they desired to be disciples of Christ by studying the Bible regularly.”

Having access to Bibles, training, and Project Philip materials has even transformed Keyyalewu’s relationship with God. He says, “I am humbler and more caring toward others. Like the lost son in Luke 15, I realize how merciful God is to sinners. Now my habit of studying God’s Word has increased, and I can study it regularly now,” he admits. Kefyalewu appreciates everyone who made it possible for believers like him to share the Good News. He says, “Thank you for your commitment to serving this generation through the Word of God.”