Malaysia CroBelaga is one of the serene districts in Sarawak, Malaysia. But behind the peaceful community hides the dark reality of young people getting involved in illegal drug problems. One of the victims of this dire situation is Dillon. Now married with two children, Dillon once faced a 10-year drug addiction that started in his teens.

“I still remember one Christmas night, all the people in the village held an open house where a pastor was invited to pray,” he recalls. “I was in my room and heard a very lively atmosphere outside, but my heart felt empty.” Dillon had tried to change before, but the power of his drug addiction continued to pull him back. He felt alone. “I thought ‘there’s no other way for me to change because all the people rejected me for who I am,” he says.

Dillon was eventually arrested in a drug bust and sent to jail. After serving his sentence in prison, he was sent to Kenosis Drug Rehabilitation Center in Sarawak. Kenosis has partnered with Bible League Malaysia since 2020, using the Project Philip Bible study program to help the inmates rehabilitate spiritually. These men live in the rehab center for at least 15 months.

At first, Dillon hated the rehab center. But as he heard and studied the Bible, something happened. With no prior knowledge of Jesus, Dillon’s life began to change. “I was here and experiencing God by myself through the program provided in Kenosis,” Dillon said. As he read about Jesus dying for him on a cross, Dillion finally found the love of God. The Holy Spirit touched him, and he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Dillon’s life changed completely. “If I am given a chance, I will testify about the goodness of God, and I will never stop loving the sinners,” he says.

When Dillon finished his sentence in Kenosis, he went to Bible school and completed his studies; he was excited to share God’s Word. He desires to fully understand the Bible because he wants to teach it to the people who don’t know God.

He started to share the Gospel with his family. “My family was so happy and they supported my changes. Project Philip is so beneficial to people who don’t know God. This program helps others to know and understand the Bible easily,” he cheerfully says.

Today, Dillon serves as a warden at Kenosis; he teaches weekly Bible studies to the inmates. “The Project Philip Bible study program is so beneficial to the rehab center because many people who come here don’t know anything about God,” Dillon said. “The challenge I face now is to help the students in Kenosis be released from their addiction to drugs,” he says. “I am thankful that I experienced it myself; I know how hard it is to do, but through Christ, nothing is impossible.”

He says, “Thank you, Bible League because you gave us a chance to understand the Bible in a much easier way. John 6:37 has been my stronghold in faith; the Bible says, ‘All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.’”