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Lilit is a 23-year-old mother and, like many traditional Armenians, she considered herself a “Christian.” But in reality, she was far from the true Christian faith. To her, religion was a matter of folklore.

She was in secondary school when she developed a genuine interest in Christianity. That’s when her cousin, a believer, began telling her about what he was learning in a Project Philip Bible study. Soon he was helping her to study God’s Word, too. She learned how to pray, was grateful to know that God heard her prayers, and even received her very own Children’s Bible.

After only a few lessons, Lilit accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. “The day I finished the Project Philip program was the happiest day of my life!” Lilit remembers.

But Lilit’s happiness was short-lived. Soon after her salvation, Lilit’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. There was nothing the doctors could do and her mother died. “I was so sad and broken,” she says. While still grieving, Lilit’s brother was tragically killed in a car accident. Lilit turned away from God. “It was like my life had stopped, too. I started to blame God for my suffering. I decided in my heart to stop believing,” she says. “I even rejected my cousin and forbade him to to speak about God with me.”

Years passed. Lilit got married and gave birth to a son, who contracted a deadly virus. He received medical treatment, but nothing helped. “Your son’s life is in God’s hands now,” the doctors told her “If you believe in Him, pray to Him and He will help you.”

Immediately, she went to her cousin and they prayed together like they used to. And Lilit asked Jesus for forgiveness.

When they went back to the doctor, the doctor was amazed at how much the child’s health had improved. The virus that once endangered his life was completely gone! The doctor called it a miracle. Lilit and her husband knew that this was the Lord’s doing. From that day on, Lilit decided to devote her life to God once more. Later, she learned that many believers were praying for her son, too.

Lilit began studying the Bible again with the booklets from the Bible League. She also visited her cousin regularly to learn even more Bible passages together. “Now that I have witnessed the miracle of my child’s life, no one can take me away from God anymore,” she concludes.

I thank God for healing my son. I thank God for allowing me to grow in Christ again. And I thank everyone who prayed for us and who gave us Project Philip Bible studies that  help us to grow in Him.”