Alondra2At just four years old, Alondra experienced Jesus for the first time. She attended church with her grandmother and, from that day on, she has faithfully sought after the Lord.

“I was not born into a Christian family, but the truth is that I’ve known Jesus since I was a child,” she recalls. “My grandmother and I began attending Bible League’s Project Philip Bible studies—she took the adult one and I took the children’s one. Every time there was a church service, I wanted to go. I liked being there.”

She and her grandmother were the only ones in the family to attend church, and Alondra prayed for their other family members. At 13, she attended a church camp where she fully surrendered to the Lord and was baptized.

Now, at 16, she’s dedicated her life to sharing the Gospel with children and families in her neighborhood in Mexico. Alondra is a Bible study teacher in the children’s ministry and plays bass on the worship team. Her area outside of Mexico City is infamous for crime and violence; there’s a desperate need for God’s Word there.

“I feel a call from God to speak of Him, preach His Word, and share God’s love through music. My community needs God. There is a lot of insecurity and lost people who lack the Word of God,” she says.

As the teen ministered to others, Alondra continued to pray for her own family, and the Lord answered her prayers. Over time, her mother, father, sister, and grandfather began to attend church with Alondra and her grandmother. When the pandemic hit, Alondra began experiencing anxiety, but God’s Word calmed her heart.

“My dad caught COVID-19 and was very sick, but God saved his life. During that situation, the whole family became more united and closer to God,” she explains. “I had been suffering from anxiety, but God’s Word has always helped me internally to overcome it. Now, I understand that every work is for good; being locked up because of the pandemic kept me away from bad influences.”

The children in Alondra’s Bible studies are learning about the love of God, and it’s impacting their families just as Alondra’s faith impacted her own. She is grateful for Bible League’s ministry, knowing the importance of God’s Word and the need for it in her community.

“I don’t know of any other ministry that is doing what Bible League is doing. What you are sowing in this ministry is paying off,” she beams. “Many people need God, and the Project Philip Bible studies lead people to Him. The Bible is how God communicates with us, and it is important that people can have access to it.”

Her dream is to share the Word of God with as many people as she can, and thanks to your support, she’s doing that. “I grew up with a Bible League Bible study, and I want to take it to other cultures so many others can also know God,” she notes. “Project Philip was the basis for me to know Jesus. I learned to have a relationship with God, and I want to share it with others.”