Emelia With Her Bible And CertificateEmelia, 17, lives in Ghana with her father, two sisters, and brother. Four years ago, Emelia’s mother died.

“My faith in God died when my mother died,” she admits.

Emelia began questioning how God could take her mother. Her confusion, grief, and anger pushed her further and further from the Lord. Everything in Emelia’s life became a challenge. Her older sister was left to care for the younger kids. Even though her father was working, he refused to provide financially for his children. School, clothes, food, and shelter all became a stressor for young Emelia and her siblings.

“Because of the hardship I endured with my siblings due to my mother’s demise, I lost hope in God and made up my mind never to worship Him again,” she says. “I stopped praying and reading the Bible or doing anything related to God. When I reluctantly went to church with the whole family, I did so without my heart to God.”

One Sunday, a friend approached Emelia and asked if she would like a copy of the Bible. Emelia said yes, even though she had no desire to read it. Her friend invited her to a Bible League Project Philip Bible study. Later that day, Emelia heard the invitation again from a chaplain, and she decided to attend.

During her first lesson, words from the Book of Joshua spoke directly to Emelia. “It was like God talking to me to make my mind desire to worship and serve Him. My heart filled with fear, and I began shivering as all the class participants took notice,” she remembers. “As a result, the chaplain stopped the discussions and asked me why I was shivering. I told him I was shivering because I was the one the Scripture was talking to; I needed to ask God for forgiveness and give my life back to Him. The chaplain allowed me to confess my sins and rededicate my life to God.”

That day, Emelia surrendered to the Lord and has followed Him ever since. She regrets blaming God for her situation and holding on to bitterness, but she accepts His forgiveness. “I surrendered to the truth that only God’s will should prevail in my life,” she says. “I am now holding to God firmly and never want to lose the renewed relationship I have with Him now.”

The Lord moved in her heart, allowing her to forgive her father. Emelia says today she prays without ceasing, looking to the Lord for all guidance. “I am walking closely with the Lord and striving not to do anything that will offend Him,” she says. “I am in love with God and happy to own a Bible from Bible League. I pray the Lord will bless you for granting me the opportunity to again go to God.”