Enoce With His Bible And CertificateEnoce is grateful for Project Philip Bible studies at Bethany Holy Church in Bisoro, Burundi. “I learned a lot through Reaching Towards the Goal booklet in Kirundi,” he says. The first lesson, “Gift of God”, spoke to his heart. He witnessed the greatness of God’s love through Jesus. The booklet taught him that God is always with him in good and bad times.

“The lesson strengthened me because we studied it when I was facing persecution for my faith,” Enoce shares. He learned that works are an expression of genuine faith, and got involved in ministry at his local church. The booklet taught him to read the Bible correctly so he could understand the context, enhancing his spiritual growth.

Financial struggles made it hard for Enoce to own a Bible. “I am so thankful for the gift of a Kirundi Bible that I received, which I could not afford due to poverty,” he adds. Though he was a Christian upon joining the program, he benefited from the lessons. “Even though I knew the Lord, I realized I needed discipleship to grow spiritually.”

He plans to reach the lost in Mwaro province with God’s Word. “Pray that the Lord would give me strategies to reach others.” He’s thankful for those who prepared the lessons because they impact lives in his area.