Despite a rough childhood, Richard has found hope and purpose in God’s Word. He’s sharing the Gospel with kids and teenagers in his community, a community where most can’t afford Bibles. Watch his full story now!

Dedicated believers like Richard are essential to the spread of the Gospel in countries like Ghana. Here, people struggle with extreme poverty, diseases, and false prophets who typically profess a prosperity gospel, enticing people with the promise of money. It’s vital to equip people like Richard with Bibles, biblical resources, and training materials so he and others can share the true Gospel.

Special Feature Ghana 1

Ghana is not the only country in need of God’s Word; people across Africa experience these same kinds of struggles and more every single day. They are desperate for hope. More than half the population of Africa is under the age of 25, making children and youth one of the largest and most vulnerable populations on the continent. By reaching children and youth with the Gospel early on, they can learn the power of salvation and follow the Lord at a young age, changing the trajectory of their lives and their communities.

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God’s Word is spreading quickly across Africa. Thanks to your continued support, Bible League International is equipping believers and churches to continue their ministries. Because of donors like you, people like Richard are sharing the true Gospel and transforming lives.