Ghana boy holding a bookBeneth, an 11-year-old from Accra, Ghana, hopes to be a doctor one day. And like many kids, he sometimes gets in trouble from his parents for misbehaving or disobeying. He tried on his own to act better, but he never felt like it was working. His actions started to change when he began studying God’s Word through a Project Philip Bible study at his school.

After learning about discipleship in the study and reading Luke 14:26, Beneth realized he needed to make a big change in his life. He explains, “This lesson taught me that, to be a follower of Jesus Christ, I must leave all my selfish desires and crooked paths. In other words, I need to stop my old life of disobedience to my parents.”

Since then, Beneth’s parents have seen a big difference in their son’s behavior at home. He is more willing to help others and wants to help those in need. He says, “Any time I see people in need, my heart yearns to extend a hand of help to them. My prayer is that God will equip me so that I can help those in need.”

Beneth is grateful for the Bible study materials and how much he has learned through them. He explains, “Thank you for these Bible study materials. The easy-to-read Bible is a precious gift that I love.”