Francheska posing with a Bible in her handsFrancheska, 21, is the oldest of four living in the Philippines. When her parents separated more than a decade ago, she and her siblings moved in with an aunt. “Growing up without my parents was a challenge emotionally” she says. “I feel sad about our situation, but there’s just nothing I can do.”

Today, as a recent college graduate, she is struggling to find a job because of the pandemic. For now, she spends time helping her siblings with their schoolwork, but she’s desperate for employment to help them have a better life.

In the midst of her struggles, Francheska found hope. A friend invited her to a youth fellowship at a local church, and there she joined a Project Philip Bible study. “I have learned a lot about life and Jesus,” she says. Now, she spends as much time as she can in God’s Word, which helps ease her pain and sadness.

“When my parents left us, I became ill-tempered and I felt sad all day,” she says. “But the Bible helps me understand what God is doing in my life. I learned to accept my situation and to trust that He is there, always ready to listen to my problems.”

She and her family are now excited to go to church every week to thank God for all they have. “I am thankful that despite the situation, Jesus takes care of us,” she says. “I thank Him for His blessings and protection every day.”

Francheska continues to pray for work. “My prayer is to find a job I will enjoy and to have a stable career that will help make our dreams come true,” she says. “I dream of having a successful life so I can share blessings with the people who have helped us since our parents left.”

She is grateful for the Bible League materials that changed her life. “Thank you, Bible League, for your Project Philip Bible study program. My previous life, which was drab and meaningless, is now bright and full of colors.”