Photos Of Samuel Philip In His Village In BarishalSamuel serves as a Project Philip facilitator in the Barishal district in south-central Bangladesh. The remote yet beautiful place where he lives, surrounded by many lakes, is inhabited by Hindus and Muslims.

“God called me to preach the Good News among them, especially among children,” notes the 34-year-old Samuel. “I love children and young people. A few months ago, I started visiting their homes to share the Gospel. The story of Philip in Acts 8 encouraged me.”

Samuel’s passion for evangelism, however, was met with fierce resistance.

“One day, some unknown men attacked me. They hit me, and I suffered a few injuries. However, I was not afraid. I even got more passionate about reaching them with the Gospel.”

Samuel has already made many ministry contacts across the Barishal district. Children are receiving his Bible teachings with joy and are sharing what they learned with their family members. Samuel continues to expand his territory. One day, he was on his way to a Muslim-dominated village when something terrible happened.

“Again, a group of radicals assaulted me. They tied me to a tree and left me there. I could not even move. I had no food or water. Even this time, I was not afraid. I just kept praying. In the evening, someone came and set me free. It was God’s peace and strength alone that held me. Before coming to know Jesus, I was very fearful. God made me bold and courageous. I am ready to face any situation. My prayer is to live for Christ until the end, to glorify His Name.

“I want to thank Bible League International for the training and the materials. They have helped me to reach many people with the Gospel. What Project Philip taught me about personal evangelism was a blessing. People who used to ignore and reject the Gospel are now coming to our fellowship group. Thank you!”