Youth TestimonyLiving among elephant backs—that sounds like a Jungle Book kind of adventure. Loyne’s life hasn’t been much of a romantic tale, though. On the contrary…

“Mucheke-A, where I live, is a hub of many unemployed youths,” the 20-year-young woman says. Mucheke is a high-density suburb of Masvingo in southeastern Zimbabwe. “The area is known for its curved asbestos roofs, which are called ‘elephant backs,’” Loyne adds with a smile.

Loyne grew up as the youngest of eight children in a family that existed on subsistence farming. “My parents still live in our rural village,” she continues, “but I have moved to Masvingo, where I stay with my brother and his wife.”

Currently, Loyne buys and sells goods at a local market. There, she heard about Project Philip Bible studies. “A friend of mine at the market told me about the program,” Loyne relates. “She testified how God was working miracles in people’s lives, so I felt an urge to join the Bible studies.”

Partaking in Project Philip left a significant impact on Loyne’s life. “God revealed Himself to me through His Word,” she says with amazement. “I learned that we do not live by bread alone but through every word that was spoken by God.”

The Bible was not unknown to Loyne before she joined the program. However, she considered it to be mere fiction and didn’t pay attention to it. “Whenever I read the Bible, I’d sleep before I’d ever finish one chapter,” she says. “But the inductive Bible study not only helps me understand the Word of God but also apply it in my daily life.”

With her economically challenged background, Loyne dreamed of becoming successful in business. “I still want that,” she laughs, “but now, I want to be a businesswoman who fears God. I want my family and the community to benefit from my business. I desire to leave a positive mark on this earth.”

To Loyne, worldly wealth has lost its attraction. It’s the Word of God that now fulfills her life. “My favorite verse is Romans 5:6,” she concludes. “Christ died for us when we were unable to help ourselves. We were living against God, but at just the right time Christ died for us.

Driven by God’s unconditional love for mankind, Loyne has made Mucheke-A’s ‘elephant backs’ her ministry territory. “I want my friends to come to Jesus,” she says. “They lack direction, and I am ready to provide them the best direction, which is knowing Jesus.”