Photo Of Chloe, For Child's Testimony In The Philippines.Meet eight-year-old Chloe who is busy developing her English skills as she joins her mother during their English language Bible-based Literacy outreach. The program is held each week at their church in the Antipolo highlands in the Philippines.

Jheg, her mom, once worked in Abu Dhabi, like so many Filipino women do. After she returned to the Philippines, she completed the training to become a Bible League Bible-based Literacy facilitator. Today, she teaches English to less fortunate children in Antipolo using Bible-based literacy materials that people like you help provide. The class meets every Sunday after church—and young Chloe is always at her mom’s side.

Although Jheg didn’t realize it at first, Chloe was absorbing everything being taught in the literacy classes. Soon, she was well-versed in English which was evident in her ability to speak the language and her improving grades at school.

Chloe recently received the “Best in English Award” at her school. Being the best in English in her class is a big achievement for Chloe—and for all the Bible-based Literacy students. All the students in Jheg’s class excelled in English at school after taking part in the program. Their academic improvement reflects well on how the Bible-based literacy program can affect children.

Today, Chloe is using another God-given gift—painting—to share His Word with others. In a recent painting, she included these words from 1 Corinthians 16:14—Let all that you do be done in love. Jheg is blessed to see the joy and passion in Chloe’s eyes for God’s Word.

Praise God for the inspiration Chloe provides others. Pray that the fire she has in her heart to serve Him will continue to burn as she grows in faith and her love for the Lord.