Lydia ZimbabweAt just 19, Lydia in Zimbabwe found herself stressed, scared, and unsure of the future. Pregnant and unmarried, she was abandoned by her boyfriend who refused responsibility for the child. Her parents pushed her to take a course in construction, a male-dominated field, so she could find work to support her child. She’s now one of few women working as a bricklayer.

Her job brought her much more than financial support; it connected her with coworkers in different departments of the company, like Pastor Kuda. She was having lunch with the pastor one day discussing the country’s economy when he shifted the conversation to Christianity. “I was so touched by the Word of God,” Lydia remembers.

Pastor Kuda brought Project Philip Bible study booklets for those interested, and Lydia eagerly joined the study. “We have tackled different topics from the Bible,” she says. “My Bible understanding has been amplified through these Bible studies.”

Lydia was raised in a Christian home, but this is the first time she’s engaged in the Word of God. “I used to think that studying the Word was for pastors and evangelists,” she says. “I now read my Bible regularly, way more than I used to do.” Lydia has stepped up to lead morning devotions and afternoon prayers with her team.

The Word of God has brought her hope and stability as she navigates life as a working single mom, and she plans to share it with others in the same circumstances. “I was stressed after my boyfriend left me when I was pregnant,” she says. “After attending the Bible sessions, I felt all my worries were lifted. I felt free. I know that God is with me, no matter the situation. I want to pass my testimony on to other single mothers like me.”

Lydia is now an empowered woman of God, not relying on other people to care for her. Instead, she relies only on God and on the strength He gives.

“My focus is no longer on men as providers but on my own capability,” she says. “I am beginning to realize that God has a purpose in my life. I am now more resourceful than before. The Word has brought my confidence back and helps me to live better.”