Philippines CropPrincess Kayla is an 18-year-old student in the Philippines. She describes herself as shy with “no confidence at all.” As a child, she attended a local church and became a believer. She was drawn to the story of Joshua. “I was amazed by his story when he led the army to bring down the enemy wall,” she says. “He was my inspiration to be stronger spiritually. His life demonstrated the full power of God.”

Princess Kayla knows the Lord has called her into a teaching role, but she struggles because of her introverted nature. At first, she had no idea how to teach. But she knew she needed to rely on God.

“I trust in God’s power that He is the one who would give me the strength to accomplish such an impossible task,” she says. “The pandemic led me further away from socializing with people. But I knew that I could bring down any walls that would hinder me from doing God’s ministry, just like Joshua.”

She joined a group of teenagers who worked with Lola Nits, a local believer who manages an orphanage and hosts Project Philip Bible studies for her children. Princess Kayla’s hands-on experience with the children helped her gain the confidence to teach. She sees the Lord’s hand in her growth. “The Lord has been my potter all along, and He is molding me into something I never knew I would become,” she says.

Princess Kayla and the other teens were trained as Project Philip leaders through an online training. The structured curriculum helps her teach and gives her tips on how to teach the stories of the Bible and interact with the students. “I now have a helpful guide that is easy to follow,” she says. “Everything that I needed to handle a Bible study was there.”

Princess Kayla soon began to come out of her shell. “Teaching the children exposed me gradually to the outside world, and their acceptance and joy enhanced my self-confidence in socializing with others,” she says. “I now feel the wall that was stopping me from the ministry is slowly coming down.”

In addition to her own growth, Princess Kayla is thrilled at the growth of her students. “I am so thankful to the Bible League for training us—and as a bonus, for giving us children’s Bibles for our students,” she says. “The picture Bibles you gave the children bring priceless joy to them. They are reading and studying the Bible with their parents as part of their education models.”

Princess Kayla asks for prayers as she transitions into the next phase of life, and as she shares the Gospel with her family. “God used this Project Philip Bible study ministry to prepare me for my education in a teaching career,” she says. “Thank you, Bible League, for giving me the Bible, because now I can teach my three younger siblings. And please pray for my parents to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior as I did.”