Kadijah With Her Gold Youth Bible“Before I got to know Christ, my life was a mess,” notes 13-year-old Kadijah from Madina, Ghana. She disliked anyone who called themselves a Christian. The young teen says, “I got irritated when I heard Christians praying on the loudspeakers close to my house and the evangelists who preached in my neighborhoods.”

Her dislike for people who said they were Christians all stemmed from bad experiences with people who deceived her over the years. Kadijah was also Muslim and knew the Koran said anyone who didn’t believe in Allah was an infidel.

But the young teen’s life completely changed when she encountered Jesus the Messiah through a Bible League Project Philip Bible study for youth. She explains, “My encounter with the booklet transformed my life.”

As Kadijah studied God’s Word, she realized Jesus needed to be at the center of the decisions she made in life. Soon, she surrendered her life to Jesus. Unfortunately, because she comes from a Muslim background, her mother hasn’t been very accepting of her new faith.

Nevertheless, Kadijah continues to grow in Christ and study God’s Word. She beams, “Thank you for this precious gift. This gift of God’s Word will help me to grow stronger in my faith with God.” Please pray for Kadijah to seek out opportunities to spread the hope of Jesus to her family, friends, and community.