Ghana woman holding a bookAt the young age of 17, Grace has already experienced so much pain in her life. The teen grew up without a father in Old Ningo, Ghana, and her mother did her best to support Grace and her siblings. But many days it was a struggle to survive. At one point, the family was homeless. They would sleep in hallways and under porches to have shelter from the rain or cool weather. Grace was often hungry in school because they didn’t have enough money for food. Sadly, like many young girls in this desperate situation, she felt like she had few options other than to sell her body for money.

She recalls of that that time in her life, “I almost gave into prostitution to make life a bit bearable for myself. Many men came harassing me for sex, and I almost conceded. Thanks be to God, none of these men were able to take advantage of me.”

When Grace was able to attend a Project Philip Bible study for teens, she began to see how God protected her and how the decisions we make can make a difference in our lives. She explains, “One of the lessons that helped me was the first one in the Project Philip Bible study booklet on making choices. The booklet carefully illustrated the effects of every single decision we make. Now, when I go to bed in the evening, I take time to reflect on the decisions I made throughout the day.”

Grace didn’t have a Bible at home before, but through Project Philip she now has one. She smiles, “This Bible will help me, my friends, and my family to know God’s plan for our lives through His Word.”

Life is still difficult for Grace. Sometimes the money she could earn for her family through prostitution still tempts her. “But by God’s grace, I have been able to resist,” she says. “I sense God is calling me to preach and educate others. I now encourage friends who have lost hope of having a better life in the future.” She wants to continue her education and become a counselor one day.