Egypt Bbl 1020 01Last September, a Bible-based Literacy training graduation was celebrated in El Minya in Upper Egypt, on the western bank of the Nile River. The class consisted of 10 ladies between the ages of 24 and 61. Despite the broad age range, they all share the same passion and gratitude for Bible League’s ministry program that allowed them to get educated.

One of them is a young lady named Christine, a shy 24-year-old housewife. She and her husband, a carpenter, have two children. Because she grew up without proper education, her husband would often verbally abuse her.

“I went to the school when I was young, but I dropped out when I was six years old,” she says, ”so, I didn’t learn anything. My husband always says, ‘I am ashamed of you.’”

These circumstances resulted in her becoming shy and insecure. At church, this insecure young woman would feel sorry for herself every time she was asked to read a Bible verse during their fellowship, apologizing because she didn’t know how to read. She was upset, too, because she couldn’t even help her young daughter with her nursery school lessons.

Christine prayed to God to make it possible for her to get educated. Then she heard about Bible League’s Bible-based Literacy class in her church. “I felt that God had heard my prayers–this was my opportunity! So, I registered my name,” Christine joyfully shares.

Since then, she feels like her mind has been renewed. The darkness that had always wrapped her life has been lifted! Her husband has also noticed the difference and now encourages her to continue with her studies.

Christine can now read the Bible, her daughter’s nursery storybooks, and more. Today, Bible League’s team in Egypt is engaging her as a co-teacher for another Bible-based Literacy class.