Paraguay CropCarlos, 43, and Nancy, 33, are married and live in a quiet neighborhood in San Lorenzo, Paraguay. They recently met Christ through the Bible League’s Project Philip Bible study program. Since then, their lives have been transformed and renewed in many ways. The change began when they decided to leave behind their old way of life and traditions in which they had lived for many years. “We attended a church that did not teach us to study the Bible. They did not teach us that by reading the Word of God, we can acquire wisdom and deeper knowledge about His truth and Christ, in a way we do now,” they explain as they now realize the importance of God’s Word.

“Without the Bible, we would not know God or understand how to obey Him. The easy-to-read translation helps us understand as its language is simple and better explains ideas and concepts.”

Carlos and Nancy knew about Jesus, but the couple admits certain areas of their lives needed change. “With time, the studies from the Gospel of John led us closer to God, and we began to notice changes in our lives. We noticed the change in our marriage. We lived together but had not made the decision to formally get married. So, after finishing the Gospel of John, we received the premarital course in our church. Our wedding symbolized the great change God made in our life,” explains Nancy.

“We began learning many things about the Bible, about God the Father and His Son, Jesus. We do not want to stray from this wonderful truth. People are amazed by the transformation they see in our lives,” says Carlos.

The couple is very zealous for the work of God and wants to see God transform other lives. They believe training is vital to see the fruits of one’s labor. Carlos says, “There are various institutions that carry the Word of God into many lives, but training is needed for the efforts to be effective. I admire the ministry of Bible League International.”