Nepali Pastor experiences Christ’s love that changes the trajectory of his life.

Ministry Impact March 3 Finding Rest In Jesus Post Bli Mi March 2024

Orphaned at 11 and facing extreme poverty, Harish’s early life in rural Nepal was a relentless struggle.

At 12, seeking a better life, he migrated to India.

“I grew up in poverty, not having anything to eat,” he remembers. “I worked odd jobs in the field for someone who paid me a meager amount, just enough to survive.”

His life took a pivotal turn when he met a preacher who offered him the fatherly affection he deeply yearned for.

Harish’s baptism marked a new beginning. Reflecting on this, he says, “After I committed to follow Jesus, my fortunes changed, and I felt true happiness for the first time.”

On returning to Nepal, Harish fervently pursued his calling, enrolling in a Bible school and planting a church.

His empathy for orphans stemmed from his experiences. “Having lived my life as an orphan, I have a soft spot for them,” he explains.

Harish faced numerous challenges. He juggled multiple jobs to sustain his family and the orphans.

“I drove an autorickshaw, sold fruit juice during summers, and worked as a mason to supplement my income,” he recounts. Despite all the odds, he managed to construct a house and a church all by himself.

A volunteer from Bible League introduced Harish to Church Planters Training, equipping him with the needed training and resources to lead the church.

His efforts transformed his village, once riddled with crime, into a community centered around faith and hope.

Harish’s family is integral to his ministry, with his son leading worship and his daughter studying in a Bible school. Harish aspires to open a Bible school to deepen his community’s faith understanding.

Despite facing opposition, Harish’s ministry among widows and orphans continues to flourish, with children joyfully engaging in singing and prayer.

Pastor Harish’s journey resonates with the rest he found in Jesus, a testament to his unwavering faith and the lives he has impacted through his ministry.

He often cites, “Jesus said, ‘Come to me, and I will give you rest,’” which has been his life’s story.

He is grateful for the training he received from Bible League.

He states, “The ministry of Bible League International is beneficial. I have recommended several people to be part of the training. Even this year, we have many people who have been trained.”