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… a light from heaven suddenly shone down around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him, “Saul! Saul! Why are you persecuting me?”

Acts 9:3-4 NLT
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Welcome to Bible League International
Bible League International serves the under-resourced Church with Bibles and training to transform lives through God’s Word. It is crucial to equip believers in under‐resourced churches worldwide with the Bibles and training they need to engage people in God’s Word. As they share the Gospel, believers help meet the spiritual, moral, and social needs of their communities. Read amazing stories from around the globe and see how God is working through people like you.

The Fisherman
On the southwestern coast of Mexico, Arturo spends his days fishing for his family and sharing the Gospel. In his poor community, most people don’t own a Bible. They can’t afford it. But they are hungry for God’s Word. And as Arturo shares the message of salvation, many are asking for Bibles!

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Manuel And Rosa
Manuel and Rosa’s Story
January 31, 2022
In many cases, the need for the Gospel is obvious around the world. But what about the need here in the United States?
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The Love of Lola Nits
Featured Story
13 April 2022
"Thank you for showing us that we don't necessarily need higher education to study and teach the Bible,” Lola Nits says. “Even if someone did not take a doctorate or master's degree, he can still teach the Bible to the people. Bible League makes it easy for ordinary people like me to learn and share God's Word."
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Boy’s Life Changed by Jesus
“I love that God has forgiven me and
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22 April 2022
A New Creature in Christ
Learning about how he could be born again
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14 April 2022
Bringing Hope to Sri Lanka
As the people of Sri Lanka face some
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14 April 2022
Three Strategic Initiatives
Helping Grow the Church

The three strategic initiatives are designed to reach under-resourced churches and people groups in specific ways that will help them effectively engage in the Word of God and grow God’s Church.

Church Growth
Scripture engagement is key to start new churches and help existing churches grow in size and maturity.
Children & Youth
We reach those from primary school through college so they will follow Jesus all through their lives.
Prison Ministry
Prison inmates can find true freedom through Jesus Christ and experience transformation through God’s Word.
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