Mexico Testimony 2022 03 (1)Magda is a 69-year-old woman who had a very difficult childhood in Mexico. The oldest of eight siblings, she stopped her education at age seven to care for them. Magda recalls, “My life before I met Christ was miserable. My mother never wanted me. I never received a hug or kiss from her—only curses and punches.”

Unfortunately, her mother practiced witchcraft regularly and tried to force her daughter to participate. When Magda resisted, her mother beat and reproached her. Since witchcraft was her mother’s priority, Magda and her siblings were often left alone with nothing to eat. “I would go to the garbage dumps to gather everything they threw away so I could bring my brothers something to eat,” she shares.

Although Magda went to church, she didn’t know God personally or have a relationship with Him. But when she moved back to Mexico City later in life to care for her grandson, she attended a church that hosted a Bible League Project Philip Bible study. “I never discovered God in the same way I discovered Him when I started studying the Bible through Project Philip,” she shares. “I now understand who Christ is in my life, what he has done for me, and how I can relate to Him.”

She no longer harbors bitterness towards her abusive mother, because she knows that God is her Shepherd who protects, comforts, and provides for her. When her mother suffered a stroke, Magda went to the hospital with her Bible to intercede and pray for her. “I realized the tremendous change Christ had made in my life,” she shares. “I thank each of you for your desire that all souls know about God.”