Bangladesh CropShakil is a 21-year-old resident of Naogaon in Bangladesh. Hindus, Muslims, and Christians in this village all live in harmony. Shakil has many friends from different communities. The villagers here are impoverished; most of them cultivate rice, which is the primary source of income. They are illiterate; few of them know how to read. They roam around climbing trees and picking fruits, typical of young people enjoying life despite being in a remote area.

Sadly, Shakil struggles with a terrible temper. He also has had many immoral relationships. His friends influenced him in bad habits that always got him in trouble.

Shakil’s life started to change after a pastor in his village talked to him. Shakil would always evade the pastor, who is a Bible League-trained Bible study leader. Then, one day when he was sick and sitting alone, Shakil finally began to listen.

The pastor asked Shakil, “If you die, will you go to heaven?” Shakil replied, “No.” Shakil was desperate for help during that moment. The pastor shared with him that Jesus is the only way to heaven and that He alone is the truth and the life. Shakil realized how bad he was and cried to Jesus to cleanse him from his sins. He realized that Jesus Christ is the Savior. He received Jesus in his heart and got baptized.

Shakil gave up his old ways after accepting Christ. He repented of his past and asked Christ for forgiveness, and he believed that God had forgiven him. John 14:6 is his favorite verse because Jesus says that He is the truth, life, and the only way he can have eternal life. Now he reads the Bible regularly and starts his day with prayer. The Word of God gives him hope, and his thoughts have changed. He wants to reach the youth in his community who are still living in sin.

“I thank Bible League International for helping me change my life through the Bible study group. I have been part of this group, and I enjoy the friendships. I am very grateful for the Bible, which I love very much and enjoy reading,” Shakil says.