Women holding biblical materialLife in Haiti was difficult for Nathalie. This single mom of three growing boys struggled to make ends meet and her kids were often hungry, so she made the decision six years ago to move to the Dominican Republic. Today, she lives in a small area named Los Tanquecitos.

Sadly, life in this new country for the 37-year-old wasn’t much easier. When she arrived, life was chaotic, and she didn’t know where to begin. Then she visited a church. Tired of the way she was living, she gave her life to Christ. Then, a couple years ago, she met a kind Christian man at church, and they got married. Together, they had another child. Since beginning her new faith in Christ, she wanted to share the Gospel with others. “But I didn’t know how to do it,” she explains.

That changed when some believers came to her church to lead a Project Philip training. It made all the difference. Nathalie beams, “Alleluia! What a fantastic method to learn. It is so fast and easy. The Project Philip training was a blessing to my church.” Even during the pandemic, the church has still been using the Bible studies by having believers lead small groups of five to seven people.

She notes, “There is almost no work here. Sometimes I clean homes in different neighborhoods. However, I am not working right now because of the pandemic. Indeed, life for me is a bit difficult, but God helps me.”