Zam Bbl 2021 01 22(1)Rosemary (right) grew up in a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Her parents were very poor. They depended on small gardening in their village in northern Zambia. With the little money they earned, they could not send their daughter to school. Rosemary never learned how to read and write.

“I was married off at a tender age and came to Lusaka, Zambia’s capital, to live with my husband,” she narrates. “I’m now a mother of two and a full-time housewife. At 36, I still was illiterate.”

A friend of Rosemary invited her to attend a Bible-based Literacy class that was held in a local church that partners with Bible League.

“I so enjoyed the lessons! They have transformed me. I can now even help my children with their homework.”

However, that is not the most important benefit of the literacy lessons, Rosemary attests.

“In the past, I thought only the Jehovah’s Witnesses knew how to teach the Word of God. I was taught that Jesus wasn’t God. In the literacy class, I came to discover that He presents Himself as God. Jesus is the true Son of God who loves us all. I didn’t expect to learn about Jesus in the class. Therefore, I want to say that Bible League’s programs are the best!”

Being able to read and write now, Rosemary finds great joy in studying the Word of God.

“The story that encourages me most is from Matthew 14:13-21, where Jesus told His disciples to give people food to eat. I was touched when that little boy managed to share what he had with a crowd of people. I can now share the Word of God in my community. I also have joined a small Bible study group. Pray for me that God gives me the grace to continue studying His Word and to reach out to others as the young boy did through love.

“I thank Bible League for the literacy program that not only improves my living standards through education, but also enriches my life with the Word of God!”