Southafrica CropKhutsong is a township in Gauteng Province, South Africa. The township is infamous for extreme poverty, violence, and unemployment. Young people engage in drug and alcohol abuse, and thousands of miners lost their jobs after mines shut down.

Refilwe grew up here under the watchful eye of her grandmother as her parents struggled to make a living. “My grandmother was very loving and always encouraged me to pray. My family devotedly worshipped God, and we attended church on Sunday.”

The 12-year-old joined a Project Philip Bible study in school. She enjoys studying the Bible through interactive learning with others. The Bible study taught her about God’s wisdom, His love for humanity and growing in prayer. Her favorite Bible story is Genesis 39:1-20, where Joseph resisted Potiphar’s wife. It showed her how God can change every situation when you believe in Him.

Undoubtedly, Refilwe’s family and friends know her love for the church. However, she’s faced backlash from her peers for that, but it doesn’t discourage her. “Their mockery is not destructive or discouraging; they sometimes confess that they see my life is different from theirs,” she affirms.

Refilwe thanks you for providing easy-to-read Bibles that are understandable. The Gold Youth Bible is a treasure, and she desires to grow her faith in the Lord like David in Psalm 23. Her dream is to encourage and show future generations God’s way. She desires her friends to join a Project Philip Bible study and follow Jesus wholeheartedly. “I want them to learn about God’s love and patience toward us. To learn about the true way of God.”