Albania Story CropPajtim was raised in a Muslim family in Albania. “We did all the religious celebrations but had no real life of faith,” he remembers. “We did it all kind of automatically.”

As a child, he attended a Christian children’s ministry in his village, but he had no interest in learning more about other religions. He was only focused on his studies so he could attend college.

In 2008, his dreams came true­—he began courses at a nearby university. One of his college friends invited him to a student life event hosted by Campus Crusade. It took some persuading, but Pajtim finally agreed to attend. During the event, the meeting facilitators asked Pajtim for his prayer needs and they began to pray for him.

After prayer, the leaders gave Pajtim a New Testament and showed a film about the life of Jesus. Pajtim was touched by the message and went home and read the New Testament.

Reading the Gospel changed him, specifically John 3:16. “The verse John 3:16 gave me many answers and helped me to believe,” he says. “My opinion changed about believers who try to reach those who are lost. I was one of those lost people!” Pajtim gave his life to Christ and now serves Him faithfully in his community.

Today he works as a schoolteacher and leads youth ministry and Project Philip Bible studies in his church. He recently completed Bible League’s Church Planter Training. He hopes to plant a church soon in a nearby village.

Pajtim is grateful to Bible League—and you—for helping his faith grow. “I thank God for a ministry like Bible League that provides the Word of God to new believers and leaders in the field,” he says. “It was God’s love that brought me near, but it was God’s Word that opened my eyes.”