Thailand CropHack Jack used to rely on the shaman and tribal animism to appease the spirits. But then he turned from his old ways and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

This 45-year-old migrant factory worker in Thailand is married and has five children. He was born in a tribe in northern Laos that practices animism to appease spirits by offering them pigs and chickens whenever a shaman told them to get a better life and good health. This ritual costs them a lot of money, and only makes each tribe member poorer.

To escape the adversity of being poor, the men tend to get drunk and often act violently against each other. As a result, they go again to the shaman to get cured and spend money to give the spirits pigs or chickens. According to Hack Jack, his life continued around this absurd cycle.

Hack Jack went to Thailand to find a better job with a better income. There he met an evangelist and learned how to live as a Christian through a small group Project Philip Bible study. “Since then, my life has changed, and I recognize Jesus as my Lord and Savior,” he says. “I feel the need to study God’s Word daily, regularly talk to Him more often, and trust Him to lead me each day in my life. The Word of God puts me on the right track,” he continues.

God changed his life; he stopped drinking and is no longer violent. Hack Jack shares, “Since we became Christians, we do not have to worship other spirits anymore. We do not have to be fooled by shamans to any further extent. We do not have to give away pigs and chickens, so we have more peace and happiness in our family.”

Still, he lost most of his friends because he didn’t want to drink with them anymore. However, in his heart, Hack Jack wanted to share God’s Word with them so they could be freed from sin and experience God’s greatness as he has. He is studying the Project Philip Bible study program so he can share the Gospel too. “I sense God is calling me to share His Word with people,” Hack Jack states. “So, I have responded to His call and have started sharing the Good News of Jesus with others, especially my people from Laos, whenever I have the opportunity.”