Bangladesh CropEshita is a teenage girl from southern Bangladesh. She’s in grade eight and has two sisters and one brother. “I was born in a Christian family but lived a very sinful life. Although I went to church, I did not have Christian virtues. I struggled with jealousy, and I was short-tempered. I had an immoral relationship with my boyfriend. I did not have peace; my heart was troubled. All this affected my studies,” she admits.

“I accepted Jesus as my Savior, and God filled me with His peace. I felt His presence in my life. I decided to leave my past sins and live as a disciple of Jesus Christ. It was painful to give up my past relationships. Our pastor regularly taught God’s Word in our church.” The Project Philip Bible study booklets helped her think more about life and God. “I knew that God was working in me, eliminating my rebellious attitude, jealousy and pride. As I read and studied the Bible every day and prayed to Jesus, I felt God’s guidance in my life.”

Many youths in Eshita’s village are addicted to alcohol and live a sinful life. “They do not like attending any church fellowships, Bible study, or anything to do with the Bible or church. I believe that they need the Word of God in their life.” Her pastor is diligently reaching out to the youth in her region. “Many of our youth have come to know Jesus through the Project Philip Bible studies. That encouraged me to share God’s Word. I have shared God’s Word with friends and youth in my village,” she explains.

“I have also prayed with my friends who struggled with sin. I could identify with their struggle and counseled them using God’s Word. I have seen their lives change. A few of them have agreed to join our church fellowship, but they do not attend church. Nevertheless, I am happy that God is working in their lives and believe that they will give their heart to Jesus one day,” she says.

“Thank you, Bible League International, for helping us to study the Bible. Our pastor is pleased to see the church grow. I conduct Bible studies for children in my church. They love my teaching, and I am glad to impact these children with God’s Word!”