Zimbabwe CropMathias was only four years old when his parents passed away and there was no one to take care of him. That’s when the welfare department sent him to Kabwe’s Children’s Home in Binga, Zimabwe. Now 11 years old, he still lives at the children’s home.

He notes, “They are taking good care of me and the other children. At Kabwe, I met other orphans like me who are now my family. I am glad that I am around people who love me.”

Mathias doesn’t remember a time in his life without Christ. But he knows that God and His Word are so important, especially for orphans like him who have experienced a lot of heartbreak. At the children’s home, they learn more about God’s Word through Bible League’s Project Philip Bible studies for children.

The young boy believes that hearing the Gospel and growing in faith through the Bible study has forever changed his life. He notes, “This ministry work is so important because you are laying a Christian foundation in my life. Your treatment for orphans and non-orphans is the same. Through your work, I feel accepted and loved. It healed my broken heart.”

Today, he wants others to know about Jesus, too. He says, “Now that I am equipped with the Word of God, I have the courage to tell my friends about God’s love. At the orphanage, we need more of the Word of God because some of the kids were abandoned by their parents. They are bitter. We need God’s Word to heal the broken hearted.”