A Pastor’s journey of faith through God’s Word

Egnes’s journey begins with roots deeply entrenched in the Hindu faith amid rituals and idol worship.

Ministry Impact May Egnes May Bli 2024

“I was born a tribal into the faith of my forefathers, engaged in worshipping and serving ancestors,” Egnes recalls.

The granite slabs and sacrificial goats, once symbols of his spiritual identity, now serve as reminders of a past life before he encountered God’s Word.

My life was a struggle with illness and poverty. We had no peace, and often, not enough to eat,“shares Egnes, reflecting on the hardship faced by his family and many in the tribal community.

Despite the lush surroundings, the struggle for survival is evident in the manual labor on their two-acre field, yielding just enough grain for their sustenance and leaving nothing to sell.

The turning point in Egnes’s life came through his uncle, the first in their village to embrace Christ.

Egnes was suffering from a severe illness. He was weak and desperate. As his uncle prayed over him, Egnes felt a profound peace and healing that he had never experienced before.

“He spoke of Jesus Christ and how faith could bring peace and change. I was skeptical, but my heart yearned for the peace he described,” Egnes recalls.

Egnes was healed, and he turned his life over to the powerful God who healed him.

With newfound faith, Egnes’s life took a radical turn.

“My heart was not in church worship, and I found praying difficult. But when the Holy Spirit touched me, I started to pray. I also started sharing the Word with other people,” he says.

His ministry was started in 2018. He now leads a small congregation of 20, teaching the love and teachings of Christ.

Despite the hardships of daily life and opposition from some villagers resistant to change, Egnes perseveres, driven by a vision for his community’s spiritual awakening.

He engages in discipleship and evangelism, often traveling to nearby villages to share the Gospel.

His ministry is supported through offerings from his congregation, which are used for community welfare and spreading the Word of God.

Egnes’s association with Bible League International and participation in the Church Planter Training have equipped him to lead his flock with structured biblical teachings.

The Project Philip literature is practical and relevant, helping me share God’s Word even with those who cannot read, in our native tribal language,” he explains.

His story is not just one of personal transformation but also community impact.

As he shares his testimony and dreams for the future, Egnes’s message is one of hope:

“Pray that the Lord will change their lives as He changed mine. Pray for unity and love in our church, to the glory of God.”